The race is on...who will make more money for Alex's Lemonade Stand?  Boris or me?  Alex's Lemonade Stand is a wonderful charity that helps kids with childhood cancer.  So, Boris and I are off to the Dutchess County fair this Saturday with competing lemonade stands.

We each have great sponsors helping us out...Handsome Devil Barbeque is on Team Boris, Elia's Texas Connection is on Team Robyn.  They'll both be donating a portion of their sales at the fair.  It's going to be very close...

But I do have a secret weapon...Toni from Created With Love Boutique has made some limited edition WPDH guitar string jewelry and donated the to Team Robyn.  They'll be available at my lemonade stand this Saturday at the Dutchess County fair.  All for Alex's Lemonade Stand.  Thank you, and thanks Toni!

Toni Cesiro
Toni Cesiro