In the mid-'60s, Pete Seeger, along with some friends, helped build a boat to save the river. He was concerned with the amount of pollution and wanted to do something about it. Concerts were held up and down the Hudson River, monies were raised and a ship was built as a replica of the ships that had once graced the majestic Hudson River in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1969, the sloop Clearwater first sailed on the Hudson River, it brought people back to the river and helped teach them about the river and its ecosystem, according to

We lost Pete in 2013, but his memory lives on and the third concert in this year's series of Clearwater concerts will be 'A Tribute to the memory of Pete Seeger', and will serve as a fundraiser for much needed funds to help restore the iconic Clearwater Sloop.

This show will be held Sunday, March 20 at The Linda in Albany and will be hosted by Wanda Fisher and will feature Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Family Band, plus a wide variety of musicians playing Pete's music in styles ranging from Folk, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, and more. This is a family friendly event, with lots of sing along performances.

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