Austin Monteiro is a new candidate for Brookfield First Selectman, and he joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Friday (9/3/21) to share his vision for the Greater Danbury area town.

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We asked Monteiro what he believes the issues are in Brookfield, he replied:

"Just from talking to people around town, the four corners is still an issue that people are not happy with, I don't think they are happy from day one.

The traffic on Federal Road has always been an issue, our budget here has been an issue here, this past year our town voted to increase our budget so you know, our mill rate went up to 29.66 and our taxes increased by 1.76 percent, during a pandemic, that is something I don't agree with.

Our First Selectman seat also is getting a fifteen thousand dollar raise this upcoming year. So, as far as my platform, if I win, I would donate that back to the town treasury for the first two years."

We asked more about the four corners or the Brookfield Streetscape project, Monteiro believes there is room for improvement with that project, saying:

"It's more the four corners piece that I am interested in and with my commercial real estate background, I think I can lend a little different perspective from the Selectman seat.

Now, the Selectman, the scope of that job doesn't necessarily carry over to saying what goes here, what goes there, but just to have me in that seat where I can bring that building experience and negotiating experience. A lot of my connections we'll say that from networking in the local commercial real estate world, I think can only help in that position.

We have some empty spaces in there, we have buildings that are kind of half falling over, we have a lot of blight issues up there. We still have a chance to finish it the right way and part of my goal will be to help finish that four corners area the correct way so people are happy to go there for dinner or we have maybe more of an activity based businesses down there and to help all of the businesses in the area thrive from one another."

UPDATE: It should be noted that following this interview, we were contacted my Glenn Rooney, the Chairman of the Board of Finance in Brookfield. According to Mr. Rooney, Candidate Monteiro's numbers regarding the recent increases to the Brookfield mill rate, taxes, and First Selectman Dunn's compensation are inaccurate.

The Chairman says that Monteiro's claims that the "mill rate went up to 29.66 and our taxes increased by 1.76 percent," and that the "First Selectman seat also is getting a fifteen thousand dollar raise," are false on both accounts. According to Rooney, the mill rate is actually 30.10 and the increase to taxes was 1.52%. He also said that First Selectman Steve Dunn is not receiving a 15% raise.

You can listen to our entire interview with Austin Monteiro in the video player at the top of the page to find out more about his background.

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