Valentine's Day is not that far off, and some may be left searching for gift ideas at the very last minute. It may be hard to get excited about a romantic holiday during a pandemic, especially when your options for dining out are limited, But word of advice guys - even if your wife or girlfriend says she doesn't care one way or the other about a gift, or to not worry about it? Get her something anyway. Put some thought into it though. Pulling flowers out of your neighbor's yard is not the best approach, if you don't feel like being banished to the couch for next several nights.

Now, what are some the absolute worst Valentine's gifts you've ever received? Some women shared their stories on, and the accounts are both sad and kind of hilarious. One woman said her boyfriend bought her expired coupons for a restaurant that had shut down. Another said she received roses, for someone else that is. Whoops. How about a trash can? That's what another woman said her presumably soon-to-be ex-boyfriend gifted her. Flowers with borrowed money? Jumper cables? A toilet seat?  Yes, these are all real according to the stories shared on the website.

How about hair? Sounds kind of creepy, but it did really happen, according to one reader.

My husband (then boyfriend) once gave me a picture frame filled with his hair... he thought it would be romantic, but I didn't agree!

If you're still racking your brains for ideas, some chains and franchises have offered special promotions for Valentine's Day over the years, for those both taken and single. Hooters used to offer free boneless chicken wings to any single person who goes to one of their locations with a photo of their ex. Then, the staff at Hooters will gladly take the photo and run it through a paper shredder while you enjoy your ten free wings. Now, if only we had some Hooters here in the Hudson Valley? You also have to wonder how this will be affected or changed all together during a pandemic? Will they show up curbside to shred your ex?

Then, you have the Denny's in Vegas. A Denny's on the Vegas strip has set up a pop-up chapel where couples can actually get married on Valentine's. They even provide an officiant, a DJ. complimentary "Wedding Pancake Puppies" with a champagne toast, and a cash bar. How romantic! Or maybe a barbeque bouquet instead? Boston Market has thrown together their special Baby Back Ribs bouquet arrangement at stores nationwide. It all cost $29.99 for this big, greasy mess of a gift that will probably drip all over your spouse or significant other anyway. But if they're up for the challenge, why not? Plus, this could easily go on any takeout menu if you're worried about dining indoors. Don't say we didn't try to help.

Share your worst Valentine's stories!

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