So, apparently former president Bill Clinton teamed up with author James Patterson to write a mystery novel. And I'm just finding out about this now? You're slacking, internet.

Anyway, yeah! Bill Clinton and James Patterson have written a new book together called The President Is Missing, about a US president who disappears as he tries to prevent an apocalyptic cyberattack. They're taking the book on tour, and they've just scheduled a stop in the Hudson Valley.

Clinton and Patterson will be at the Barnes & Noble at the Vernon Hills Shopping Center in Scarsdale next week, on June 19th. Clinton and Patterson both have roots here in the Hudson Valley - Clinton lives in Chappaqua and Patterson comes from Scarborough.

Will you be stopping by to meet the two and pick up a copy of their new book? Do you think it's weird that a former president wrote a book about a president saving the country? Wouldn't that be like if Clark Kent started writing Superman comics?