When the word Poughkeepsie is used in a song, it's usually as a punchline or joke. This sweet and sentimental song, however, changes all of that.

A new album from singer and songwriter Stovepipe Stover features a song titled "Poughkeepsie, NY We Love You." Despite the title, the song isn't as much of an ode to Poughkeepsie, but the story of former lovers who hold a special place in their hearts for a place where they met.

The song is performed from the perspective of someone who is reminiscing about falling in love in Poughkeepsie during their youth.

And Pougkeepsie, New York, We love you
You're the only thing left of us now
And the memories sting, like a sweet autumn fling
Poughkeepsie, stay with us somehow

The song is part of a concept album titled "Love in the Time of Satanic Panic, Chapter 1." It's the first of three albums that look back at the 1980's. The artist describes the project as a "John Hughes meets John Carpenter-like tale of high schoolers getting into all sorts of mischief." Stovepipe Stover is based in Michigan and has released five albums since he started performing in 2003. They are all available for download at stovepipemusic.com.