After pushback from the community and politicians, Amazon is reconsidering choosing New York City as the location for its second headquarters (HQ2).

In November 2018, Amazon announced that Long Island City, part of Queens in New York City, had been chosen as the location for HQ2. According to the Washington Post, Amazon is now reconsidering having NYC has the location for HQ2 after community and political push back.

The main criticism of Amazon's location choice is that tax subsidies would be given to the company, according to the Washington Post. Amazon is the world's most valuable company and owner and CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world. Other reasons for opposition include concerns about the already failing NYC subway system and increased rent costs.

The Washington Post reports that Amazon has not leased or purchased space for HQ2, making it easier for them to abandon the plan.

According to the Washington Post, HQ2 is expected to bring 25,000 jobs with the project.