Our bodies are constantly changing, and certainly, we can become allergic or more sensitive to specific things as we age. I developed a new allergy as an adult and it threw me off, to say the least.

Spending many years working in food service, I had to handle raw meats especially working in a diner, and also when I worked at a pizzeria. I never had a problem if I had to handle anything like that. Fast-forward many years to the present day, and I wouldn't dream of touching raw meat.

The reason being, about seven or eight years ago I was planning on making a meatloaf. I had all my ingredients ready to go, and I got to work. I mixed all the ingredients together and got it in the oven to cook. Throughout the process, my hands felt itchy, and as I was washing them I notice they were very red. I was very confused as to why it seemed like I was having an allergic reaction of some sort. I ran my hands under cold water for a few minutes, and that seemed to help. The itching lasted a little while, and then slowly diminished.

At first, I thought it was a freak thing. So, I had to test the theory out, and make something else and see if touching the raw meat would lead to me having another reaction. I made some burgers and as soon as I started making the patties, I felt my hands start to itch. This was many years ago, and I still get reactions by touching raw beef, or raw bacon. Those seem to be the only ones that affect me. Obviously, I just use gloves if I need to make something that requires me to touching raw meat.

Honestly, I've never asked a doctor about this, but I guess I probably should one day. Have you ever developed an allergy or sensitivity to something as you've gotten older?

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