Ask someone from New York what they fear and you're bound to get a bunch of answers. Some may say ever rising cost of living, and not being able to provide for their loved ones. Others might point to crime. Maybe some fear perishing an automobile accident? Others hate change. But according to this new data, using Google search volume from the past year to find out what we're afraid of, the answer is quite different. Some might even question what these so called results are saying.

Do We Agree With This Study?

New Yorkers are afraid of intimacy. Huh? Well, a lot of New Yorkers do like their space, and some may have their hearts broken a number of times. Maybe they just don't like other people? But do we agree with this study? This could go a number of ways. Fear Of defines Philophobia as the fear of love, and Aphenphosmphobia as the fear of being touched. These phobias may stem from abandonment, the feeling of being smothered, or some sort of childhood trauma etc.


Do New Yorkers agree with any of this? Remember, you have to take some of these studies with a grain of salt. Of course, if you ask many who post on our social media pages what they fear, it will almost certainly turn into politics real quick.

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Fear of People? 

The only state to actually list fear of humans as their top phobia was Montana, which may kind of make sense since the state has had a reputation for the place to go when people want to disappear. Some other states feared blood, failure, the dark, and even water. the District of Columbia apparently fears social media. Maine fears germs and viruses. Folks from Wyoming is afraid of clowns.

New Jersey is also afraid of intimacy, according to this study. Pennsylvania is afraid of water. People from Connecticut fear the outside. Massachusetts and Vermont fear failure.

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