A customer recently found an old menu from an iconic Husdon Valley restaurant, and it shows what fine dining looked like in the Hudson Valley circa 1947.

The Hudson Valley is home to so many great restaurants and eateries. Some have been in business for generations. The Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck is the oldest inn in the United States and has had many famous visitors over the years. Another long-standing iconic restaurant is the Ship Lantern Inn, located in Milton, NY. The Ship Lantern Inn has been in business since 1925, but the building dates back to the Revolutionary War.

Recently a customer shared a picture of what the menu for the Ship Lantern Inn looked like from around 1947 or 1948. The woman found the menu in her 91-year-old mother's yearbook from 1947. It's funny the things we hold onto for our entire lives. Seeing what the prices were for some of the items is really cool when you compare the items to today's current prices.

attachment-Ship Menu

I don't know about you but a nice filet mignon with fresh mushrooms sounds pretty good for $5.25. Present-day, you're going to pay somewhere between $36.00 - $40.00 for a filet mignon. How would you like some lobster cocktail for $1? Shrimp cocktail for $.75? Imagine if restaurants had a throwback night where they didn't care about losing money and offered these prices? It would be insanity.

One thing I have noticed over the years that liver dishes were a pretty big deal back in the day. I remember hearing my grandparents talk about it, and seeing this makes so much sense.

What items would you choose if you were presented with these prices?

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