If you were one of the many Hudson Valley residents who shot off illegal fireworks last night these seven people probably hate you.

The 4th of July is all about celebrating America's birthday. Some mark the occasion by grilling burgers and dogs, others invite friends and family over to the pool, but the most disliked people in the neighborhood are the ones who decide to get their thrills shooting off illegal fireworks.

While fireworks seem fun to those who are shooting them off, it's very likely that your neighbors don't feel the same way. And these neighbors may not just be grumpy party-poopers. In fact, their anger is probably justified.

People with pets
Dogs and cats are terrified by fireworks. The constant loud banging and flashing of lights can send those four-legged friends into a frenzy with no place to hide. Unfortunately, there's little any pet owner can do to comfort these confused animals as those fireworks keep exploding outside.

People with PTSD
Veterans groups have been campaigning for people to be mindful of former military and law enforcement officers in their neighborhoods before setting off loud fireworks. Your celebration of our country's birthday may actually be terribly traumatic to those who've sacrificed so much to protect our freedom.

People with small kids
Like pets, little kids can be scared to death of loud fireworks being shot over their house. Keep in mind that those kids will grow up to be teenagers who can, and most likely will, get their revenge on you and your mailbox.

People with jobs
The 4th of July usually falls on the night before a work day. A day of celebrating can turn into a nightmare at 11pm when those fireworks are still firing off and keeping you awake; especially if you need to be at work bright and early the next day.

People who have to clean up your debris
If your neighbor wakes up to find a collection of bottle rockets, mortar shells and burnt up firecrackers all over their lawn you can bet that they're not going to be giving you the neighbor of the year award.

People who have already gone to see the fireworks
They just spent an entire evening watching professionals set off breathtaking fireworks. So don't be so surprised when they're not especially impressed with your lame firecrackers burning up their front yard.

Basically, anyone but you
Honestly, the only one in the neighborhood that enjoys your fireworks display is you. If people weren't invited to your house to drink beer and yell "wooooo!" every time you almost blow your fingers off, they were probably cursing you all night long.

With that said, we hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July. And if your neighbors seems a little agitated today, you might want to consider baking some cookies and going on an apology tour. Who knows, maybe they'll forget all about your fireworks show... until next year.

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