It was moving day for 30 year-old Michael Rotondo, the Camillus, NY man who became a nationwide curiosity for many of the wrong reasons.

Rotondo's parents had wanted their 30 year-old son to leave. When he wouldn't, they took legal action. They had initially written a letter to their unemployed son on February 2 that he had fourteen days to leave. Their son refused.

When the case went to court, Rontondo tried to convince N.Y. State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood that he should be given six months to vacate. Greenwood said no. He has until Friday, June 1 at Noon to be officially out for good. Rontondo, perhaps defiantly, has said he plans on sleeping at his parents until the very last night.

Well, the moving out process has begun. Rontondo packed his belongings and began moving out in the 90 degree heat. According to, he said all has gone well except for the fact he couldn't find his packed up nail clippers. In a somewhat bizarre turn of events, he even received help from a long lost relative who said he felt bad for Rontondo.

Rontondo claims his parents evicted him only after he lost custody rights of his child. he did not say where he'll be staying once he's out for good.