A recent survey shows that 18 of the most beloved restaurants, eateries and retail stores are located right here in the Hudson Valley.

Yelp held a nationwide survey to determine the most popular businesses throughout the country. The result is an extensive list of 50 restaurants and stores that satisfy customers with quality, price and experience.

While the Hudson Valley loves to complain about stores and restaurants that it doesn't have, you can't help but feel a little impressed that we're home to 18 of the names on this list of the very best. Of course, it would be nice to have a Trader Joe's, which was made number one on the list or see Bonefish Grill return to the area (number eight), it's good to know that the following list of hot spots continues to make customers happy.

Yelp Opens Its East Coast Headquarters In New York City
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The Most Loved Restaurants and Stores

The full list of 50 businesses includes the very best chain restaurants, eateries and stores. Some on the list are located nowhere near the Hudson Valley, while others are just a stone's throw away. Luckily, 18 of them are right here in our neck of the woods. In fact, five of the top 20 have locations in Ulster, Dutchess and Orange Counties including the number two business in the entire country.

Scroll down to check out the full list and let us know if you agree that these are the most loved businesses in the Hudson Valley.

18 Most Loved Stores and Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

Recently, Yelp released its first-ever list of the country's 50 most-beloved restaurants, eateries and retail stores. Here in the Hudson Valley, we have access to 18 of the country's most popular spots. Scroll down to check out the ranking for yourself.