If you think you know how to drink a pint of Guinness, think again.

Enjoying a pint of Guinness on St. Patrick's Day is something that everyone looks forward to, but what if we told you that you were doing it wrong all of these years?

We chatted with Chris McClellen from Guinness and learned that there's not only a proper way to pour a pint of Guinness, but there's also a perfect way to drink it. On the Boris and Robyn Show's trip to Ireland, we learned all about pouring a perfect pint of the dark stuff, but we never knew there was a right way to drink it too.

McClellen explained how to properly raise the glass to your lips and avoid getting a mouthful of foam. His technique actually lets you enjoy a perfect sip from the very beginning of the pint.

In addition to the proper drinking technique, McClellen told us that many old-school Irish drinkers claim that you should finish your entire pint in just five gulps. This was a challenge that we were up to.

Check out the proper Guinness drinking technique below and be sure to join us on Friday, March 16 starting at 6am for the Boris and Robyn Show's live Pre-St. Patrick's Day live from Sweeny's in Walden. We'll have some big concert tickets and other surprises, plus plenty of Guinness as we kick off the St. Patrick's Day weekend live at Sweeny's.