We all go through periods where we find a show that we like and we go all-in and binge-watch all the seasons. But, have you ever had to binge-watch against the clock?

Let me start by saying that I absolutely, 100 percent hate going through Netflix trying to find a show. It is way too time-consuming, sometimes taking over 30-minutes, it's exhausting, to say the least. Recently my wife and I were searching through Netflix trying to find something new to watch.

While searching, we were presented with a show called Hannibal. I had remembered seeing commercials and previews of this show, and it was one that we were interested in watching. It turned out, that the reason that this popped up was that it was leaving Netflix on June 4. Okay, game on, let's do it!

So, we gave it a shot and started watching season one of three, and guess what? it's a pretty good show, so we were hooked. But, now we're racing against the clock to make sure we can watch all three seasons in time, before the show bye-bye. There are 13-episodes per season, and we already made it through the first season, so I'm pretty sure we'll make it through before it disappears, but I kind of like binge-watching against the clock. It almost seems it makes it more enjoyable.

Have you ever discovered a show right before it was about to go away and had to rush through it before it went away for an undetermined period of time?

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