The 3 O'Clock Block is three in a row from our artist of the week or a cool common theme, during your no replay workday.

Every weekday at 3 O'Clock we rock out to some great rock classics from your favorite PDH rockers and rollers or the songs have a common theme.

I'm calling on you to send us your ideas. It could be your favorite band, and you want a full week highlighting the bands' musical library. Maybe you thought of 15 songs that all go together somehow, we want to hear your thoughts.

We've done a ton of common themes, including songs with "hot and cold" in the title, songs with colors, the options are unlimited. Send your ideas to Smitty using your PDH mobile app.



Listen to Smitty in the Afternoon weekdays from 2PM to 7PM on 101.5 WPDH. Stream us live through the website, Alexa-enabled device, Google Home or the WPDH mobile app.

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