Can you unplug for 24 hours? No texting. No social media. No online shopping. No gaming and no smart watches for an entire day. wants to give someone $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology in the Digital Detox Challenge.

Sounds easy right? It may be harder than you think. Three out of four Americans are addicted to their phones, according to a recent report. The majority of us check our phone once every nine minutes or about 160 times a day.

The Digital Detox Challenge is a little more than unplugging for a day and getting the money. You'll have to provided feedback on your digital-less experience, and review your tech-less 24-hour survival kit. You'll receive a $200 Amazon gift card to help you fill the kit with items to fill the time.

Survival Kit Suggestions

  • A typewriter to replace your laptop
  • Board games to replace video games
  • Writing stationery to replace text messaging or emails
  • An abacus to replace your phone’s calculator tool
  • Books from the best-seller list to replace the time you spend mindlessly scrolling through social media
  • Paints and brushes to make a self-portrait rather than taking selfies

Think you have what it takes to go through a Digital Detox? You'll not only have to disconnect from all personal technology (emergencies excluded) for 24 hours, you'll have to unplug the television, gaming consoles/handheld gaming devices, computers/laptops, smartwatches or wearable tech and smart home devices (smart speakers, smart vacuums, etc.).

You’ll have two weeks from accepting the challenge to pick a day that works for you, so you don’t have to skip school or work (unless you want to).

You can apply to take the Digital Detox Challenge at Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm MST on March 26, 2021 and detox challengers will be announced on March 29.

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