Is it too much to ask?

If you're a parent you already know that the list of things that we argue with our kids about is growing every day. Arguments over homework, curfew, friend selections, boyfriends, girlfriends, driving, I can go on and on, and will now add another entry to this ever-growing list.

I Might be a Bad Parent

First, let me say that I am not a big Facetime user, honestly, the only people that ever try to Facetime me are my two younger kids and when they do I also NEVER answer...LOL! Before you yell out that I'm a bad parent let me explain. I've told them a million times that I require a warning text BEFORE you try to Facetime! Is that too much to ask for? I refuse to answer a Facetime call without knowing it's coming.

Just yesterday my daughter tried to Facetime me, I ignored it, and right after I hit decline, she sent me a text asking why I didn't answer. WHY? You didn't text me first...LOL! Simple rules, right? After the text, I called her back, and right away she called me crazy for making her text first!


Text BEFORE Facetime

I don't think it's crazy or weird of me to want a "warning shot" before you Facetime. I need a warning before we look at each other. Who knows what I might be doing, whos with me, what clothes I have on or not, bathroom...LOL! Cindy called the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show and told us that she doesn't think it's weird or crazy at all. She did say that it has everything to do with our generation and said that she DOES send text warnings to her friends before she Facetimes because she doesn't want to see anything that might hurt her eyes!

Does anyone else require a warning text before they will take a Facetime call? Am I crazy for having this rule? Call or text (not Facetime) through the Wolf Country app.

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