What a week it has been, just exhausted both physically and mentally, but it ends with good news.

Well compared to last Friday, I feel 110 percent better. I spent the better part of the sick with a fever, which was just the worst honestly. My doctor sent me for a COVID test, so I went and had my brain stabbed and was told the results would be back in three to five days.

The whole time, sitting there waiting convincing myself I have COVID. Thinking "great the COVID finally got me, damn it". During my waiting time, I did begin to feel better, then the news came that somebody I could have had contact with tested positive, paranoia returned.

After a couple of days, I felt pretty good, but everybody in my house was now sick. They had all gotten what I had, and now I felt terrible. Thinking, great I hope I didn't give my whole family COVID, that would suck.

As I sat in my daughter's bedroom doing my radio show, as rock stars typically do, my cell phone starting ringing.  It was the doctor! Finally, the week of waiting was over. What's it going to be, positive or negative? BOOM! Negative! What a relief.

It's nice knowing that I don't have the dreaded COVID-19, and my family is safe, and my co-workers don't have to quarantine. Just for safe measure, everybody in my house got tested for COVID and we're all negative.

What's the reward? Well, I get to go back to work...Wait. Does that mean I can't wear my sweatpants every day anymore?

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