On a special edition of the WPDH Soundcheck, we will feature the music of RUSH for the full hour as we remember drummer and lyricist Neil Peart who passed away Tuesday January 7th of brain cancer, he was 67.

The announcement didn't come until Friday when it was confirmed by the band RUSH and family spokesperson Elliot Mintz.  Neil died in Santa Monica, California where he has been living for quite some time now with his wife Carrie and 10 year old daughter Olivia.

He was considered one of the best rock drummers of all time, but he was not the original drummer for the band.  John Rutsey was the original drummer but left the band after their debut album due to health reasons. The lineup of the Toronto-based Rush was set in stone as a trio when Peart joined the group in 1974, alongside vocalist, bassist and keyboard player Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson, six years after Rush's founding.

Sunday night at 10pm we will have a full hour of the music of RUSH recorded live in concert from around the world and we will have Neil Peart, in his own words, tell about how he came to the band, the origins of the RUSH songs that he wrote (and mostly wrote, Geddy and Alex wrote the music), and what inspired him the most.