WPDH and Solar.com are bringing back the Mystery Sound!

Tune in to 101.5 WPDH each weekday to listen for the Mystery Sound! You'll have 3 chances each day to listen and guess the Mystery Sound. If you think you know what the sound is, give us a call and share your guess.

If you call in and guess the Mystery Sound correctly, you score $100! If you don't guess the Mystery Sound correctly, we'll continue with the same Mystery Sound until someone does call in with the correct guess. Each day that the Mystery Sound goes undiscovered, the prize goes up by $100! Each time the Mystery Sound is guessed correctly, the prize resets to $100 and a new Mystery Sound is unveiled!

We'll be dishing out Mystery Sounds from Thursday, June 8th through Friday, June 30th. If you want exclusive reminders and hints for when the next Mystery Sound is coming up, download the free WPDH mobile app from your favorite app store.

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