A Connecticut woman has been arrested after video surfaced on YouTube of her attacking a teenager near Hammonasset Beach State Park. According to police, she was charged with third degree assault and second degree breach of peace. The question now is, why did she assault him in the first place?

Andrea Mears allegedly assaulted 17 year old Austin Haughwout, because the teenager was seen filming the beach area, from the air, using a quadcopter drone. Mears tracked down Haughwout to confront him, and that's when the assault took place. Footage of the attack was recorded using Haughwout's phone and then posted online. Haughwout says he has used the drone before to film various aerial shots of landscapes, school buildings, and other structures. He goes on to say he only posted the cell phone footage of the assault because Mears allegedly lied to police about the encounter, saying it was the teenager who initially attacked her.

Dwayne Gardner, spokesperson for the state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, says that the drone was flying so high that you couldn't identify any individuals on the beach. Mears contends that her privacy has been violated, and felt that she was in danger. She claims since Haughwout included her name in the description in the YouTube clip, that she's received harassing phone calls and Facebook friend requests from strangers. According to the Judicial Branch at the State of Connecticut, she's due in court June 19.