You may hear about all the bizarre stories that come out of states like Florida or Ohio. And while the state of New York is no slouch when it comes to odd happenings, our neighbors to the west seem to have taken it to their own extreme.

New Jersey has already been the brunt of jokes for many years. Everything from the drivers, to swamps, to bad accents, and even nuclear waste is fair game.

This is just one small example.

ABC 7 NY says that police were called Wednesday after a man was acting erratically at a gas station in Toms River.

The 39 year-old suspect was seen moonwalking up and down the isles of the gas station as he shopped.

Okay, while you may not see something like this everyday, it's really no big deal. Right?  Well, it seems that the man's funky behavior was the result of illegal drugs. In this case - heroin.

When police showed up, six hypodermic needles and some heroin on the moonwalker. He also reportedly had $2,000 active warrant in Neptune Township. NJ.

Oops. Community Affairs Officer Ralph Stocco says it best:

Moonwalking is not a crime, but moonwalking with heroin and needles is.