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Posted by Roselle Police Department on Monday, March 7, 2016

Police have released photos and video from an arrest made in January of an alleged drunk driver traveling with a tree embedded in the front grille of their car.

The Roselle (IL) Police Department shared the images on their Facebook page from the January 23 incident.

A few weeks ago, a Roselle police officer saw a car driving southbound on Roselle Road with a 15-foot tree embedded in...

Posted by Roselle Police Department on Friday, March 4, 2016

The Chicago Tribune reports another motorist spotted the damaged vehicle and then quickly notified the police. called police. When an officer pulled the driver over, he unsurprisingly noticed the smell of alcohol.

The driver, 54 year-old Maryann Christy, told police that she hit the defenseless tree somewhere in town but didn't remember where. No word on how exactly long she was driving around with the approximately fifteen foot tall tree sticking out of the front end of her vehicle's grille.