If you are hoping to start the new year by willing the Lottery, you might want to make sure you have the odds in your favor.

But it might just be the numbers you choose, it would be where you buy the ticket that could bring you some luck. There are some stores that just happen to sell more winning lottery tickets than other stores.

And if you are playing the lottery it is all about luck so why wouldn't you want to get the odds more in your favor by heading to a store that sells more winning lottery tickets than other ones.

According to nbcnewyork.com, there is one place that is luckier than the others for people when they buy tickets here in New York State.

Luckiest Places To Buy Lottery Tickets

These places have sold the most winning lottery tickets.

Now that you know where you should buy your lottery tickets to have the best luck, you now need to know what numbers give you the best chance.

If you plan on buying Mega Millions tickets, here are the most common numbers that are drawn.

Top 5 Most Commonly Drawn Mega Millions Numbers

These numbers come up the most often in the Mega Millions drawing.

Now if you are into the Powerball lottery, here are the numbers that are drawn the most often.

Top 5 Most Commonly Drawn Powerball Numbers

These numbers come up most often in the Powerball drawing.

If you use these numbers and don't forget who gave you all this amazing information. The best part of winning the big time with the Lottery is sharing your winning with family and friends and giving back to your community.

Good Luck with starting off the New Year with some extra cash in your pocket!

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