As we inch closer and closer to getting back to some sort of normalcy, it poses the question of whether or not you will continue to wear a mask when out in public?

At this point, we have been wearing masks on our faces for nearly a year, and it has become such a new normal part of our day. Masks of different styles, embroidered with your favorite characters, or a cliche saying or something. It's what we do now. But as we move closer to being done with the pandemic how long will you continue to wear a mask?

I've seen people posing this question on social media and it seems that there are many people that may want to continue to wear a mask while others are ready to throw the damn mask in the trash. The way I look at it, the mask has obviously helped me over the past 12 months, as I didn't get COVID, so was the mask all that bad?

As we move closer to being done with COVID, I anxiously await throwing my mask in the trash, but I do feel that there is going to be a lot of hesitation when it comes to people being comfortable around each other without masks. It's like we're going to almost teach ourselves how to be normal again.

I will wear my mask until I feel comfortable taking it off, and I think that's okay. Where do you stand? Will you continue to wear a mask post-pandemic, or ditch it right away?

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