So I hear Michael Lang is looking for a place to hold Woodstock 50. Let's review the past couple of months regarding the Woodstock 50 show. Michael Lang announces he will hold a three-day concert at Watkins Glen featuring a huge list of performers representing just about every genre of music. He says he has funding and contracts, and all is set. All of a sudden there is an announcement that tickets will not go on sale on the planned day. No explanation as to why. The next thing we hear is that the financial backers have pulled out. And Michael Lang still insists the show will go on. This week we found out that Watkins Glen has also backed out of the concert. So Michael Lang is looking for a venue. And I’ve decided to write an open letter to Mr. Lang. Here goes...

Hey Michael Lang!

I’ve got an idea. There is this place in Sullivan County called Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. It has a built-in connection to the Woodstock Concert. It is the very site that the original show was held. You remember, right? They are already having a pretty cool weekend Aug. 15-18 to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Not as big as they had originally planned, but that may have something to do with your announcement of a bigger and better show than they were planning.

Have you thought about getting together with them to help make it the best celebration it can be? The celebration that a historic show like Woodstock deserves? It seems like a no brainer.

You might have to eat a little crow, but it looks like you’ll have to do that no matter what happens at this point. Just sayin’.

Signed your friend,

Robyn Taylor

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