Ever had trouble finding a bathroom in the City? Well, now your punishment for peeing on the sidewalk will be far less!

Okay, please don't actually urinate on the sidewalk or a building or whatever, cause that's just gross. But it is true the penalties for certain low level offenses in New York City have gone way down thanks to one particular new bit of legislation.

The NY Post says that the City Council’s Criminal Justice Reform Act now means that folks who commit minor quality of life crimes will simply have to appear before an administrative hearing rather than in criminal court. Public urination, public intoxication, or playing your music too loud are all categorized as minor offense under the new act.

Backers of the new law say that this will prevent minor offenders from acquiring criminal records, and thus save time in the court rooms for more serious and hardened criminals.

Others, such a certain members of law enforcement, aren't so thrilled. They say that backing off minor offenses like public peeing won't deter more serious crimes.