We know the Hudson Valley is rich with history and apparently, it has old money running through its roots.

Recently, Slottracker.com conducted a study to find the hottest "old money spots" in the United States. And New York made the Top 10 list in 2 different spots.

What is Old Money?

Before we move any further, let's cover all of our bases. What exactly is old money? SoFi Learn, Old Money refers to "people who have inherited significant generational wealth; their families have been wealthy for several generations." Early examples of Old Money are the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. In 2023, old-money families look more like the Walmart Waltons and the Disneys.

Old Money and The Hudson Valley

When it comes to old money and the Hudson Valley, the proof is in the pudding. There was a big hint above when mentioning the Vanderbilts. I mean, who hasn't visited the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park?!

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With that being said, what makes the Hudson Valley so Old Money? Is there a specific "old money" town?  Slottracker.com explains how the HV took the number 10 spot writing:

The picturesque Hudson Valley, NY, has landed itself a spot on our list, coming in at number 10 with a respectable 561,390 hashtags. Having a median household income of $80,700, the Hudson Valley is known for its affluent residents and upscale lifestyle. To fully embrace the ‘old money’ aesthetic, immerse yourself in the charm of Hudson, a vibrant town lined with beautifully preserved historic buildingsart galleries, and antique shops.

Over 500,000 hashtags make the Hudson Valley Old Money apparently. Slot Tracker explains further by sharing that Gen Z is over Y2K and obsessing over this "old money lifestyle" adding that #oldmoneyaesthetic has over 2.5 billion views on TikTok.

To collect all the data SlotTracker used sources like Thrillist and TheTravel.com to come up with their Old Money locations. From there they analyzed on Instagram "searches for each destination to determine the number of uploads and hashtags associated with them. Care was taken to account for variations and specifications, especially for destinations with multiple meanings, in order to accurately capture the data."

They took those totals and gathered additional information from Census.gov to determine "the popularity of “old-money” hotspots in the USA."

Plan an Unforgettable Trip to Hyde Park, New York

Whenever I have out-of-town guests, these are some of my go-to spots to entertain in Hyde Park, New York.

Look! Mansion w/Breathtaking Views of Lake George Sold for $4.2 Million

This three-story mansion is a 7100 sq ft custom home on Lake George. There are granite floors throughout along with 7 bedrooms all with views of Lake George. Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows from all rooms allow for breathtaking views of Lake George. There are over 100 feet of direct lakefront complete with a sandy beach. There is a custom stone patio, propane firepit, boathouse, and deck. Check it out!

Take This Fascinating History Crawl Through Hyde Park, NY

Hyde Park, NY is located in Dutchess County, NY. It is the home to several prominent figures that played a role in how the world was once formed. Even though these members of society have passed on, their stories and legacies continue in our area.

I have had the chance to visit these historical sites and will always remember what each one meant to me, what I learned on the tours and how guests can continue to visit in 2023.