This is the picture that's been shared thousands of times across the internet this week. So, what's the story? Why is this poor man eating alone?

Kelsey Harmon had arrived at her grandfather's house for dinner and expected to see the other grandchildren. After all, their grandfather (or, PaPaw) at just cooked up twelve hamburgers for his six grandkids and was looking forward seeing all of them for a nice dinner together.

Unfortunately, Kelsey was the only grandkid who had shown up at that point.

Harmon posted the above picture on Twitter Wednesday evening. It was retweeted over seventy thousand times in the first twenty four hours alone.

Some offered compassion to the elderly man for seemingly being stood up by his own grandkids. Some turned the sad picture into funny photoshops and memes. Other Twitter users went a darker route, sending harassing messages and even death threats to the rest of the grandchildren. It got so bad, Kelsey had to tweet that everything was okay and told internet users to stop sending her cousins messages.

One of the other grandchildren, Brock, did eventually make it to PaPaws.