It’s been longer than I can even remember since the last time I was single on Valentine’s Day. It’s also been longer than I can remember since I celebrated Valentine’s Day. Which is okay by me.

My boyfriend Bobby and I established very early on in our relationship that we wouldn’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. That was actually his idea. And he phrased it perfectly. He said, “Why celebrate on just one day? Every day is Valentine’s Day in our house.”

Nothing could be further than the truth, but it was a good answer.

And even if it wasn’t my idea, I quickly came to appreciate not having the pressure of celebrating Valentine’s Day. And so did my wallet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love love. I love the idea of it, I love seeing people in love. In fact, I have fond childhood memories of my Dad bringing home little gifts for my sister and me and candy for my Mom. Memories of giving and getting those little Valentine cards at school.

But there were kids who didn’t get lots of Valentines. And that’s where I’m torn about how I feel about Valentine’s Day. I have seen too many hurt kids, too many expectations, too many disappointments and way too much anxiety over a day that is supposed to be about love and happiness. Not to mention the costs. Don’t even get me started on that.

So, Valentine’s Day. Take it or leave it? I’m happy leaving it, but if it’s important to you, then celebrate. But don’t put too much Valentine pressure on that special someone in your life. It seems to defeat the purpose of celebrating love, don’t you think?