I understand that when a storm is approaching, you want to make sure you have certain supplies on hand before the storm hits. But, why do people freak out so bad?

It doesn't matter the severity of the soon-to-be storm, it could be a blizzard or just some flurries, people will freak out at just the thought of inclement weather. I can understand if we were expecting a massive nor'easter and we could possibly be stuck indoors for days on end, then maybe the urge to rush out and attempt to stock up on supplies.

But just a simple snowstorm that lasts a few hours. Do we really need to rush out and grab milk, bread, eggs, toilet paper, and whatever else people feel that they need to survive. At most with a basic storm, you'll be stuck inside for a few hours, maybe overnight, nothing crazy. Because of the pandemic, we've been stuck at home for almost a year, we should have plenty of supplies on hand at this point.

I can't think of one time in my life that rushed out to the store frantically in need of supplies when a storm was approaching. I have, however, unintentionally stopped at the store when a storm was coming and was confused by the pandemonium until I realized what was going on. I quickly ran out, knowing that what I needed could wait until the storm passed.

Do you go crazy when a storm is coming and rush out to the store, or are you confident that you can survive the few hours until it passes?

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