It's so nice to see the sunshine and hear the birds chirp again, but one thing that I don't like to see is some of the creatures that have started to make their presence known on my property.

Since I was a child, I have never been a fan of snakes. I don't see anything to like about them, and let's face it, they're creepy as hell, if I'm being honest. during my life, I've never really had to deal with snakes too much. I always knew they were in this area, but I never had the displeasure of running into one while out exploring the Hudson Valley.

All that changed when I moved into my house roughly four years ago. Since then I have seen many snakes in my yard. Nothing poisonous or anything like that, but I hate snakes remember? So I would like to not have any around me at all. About two years ago, I was leaving the radio station when I received a phone call from my wife, who was freaking out. Apparently, there was a snake in our house!

I don't want snakes in my yard, much less inside my house. My first thought was to burn the house down. I'm joking of course, but I think you can understand why I never wanted to be there again. So we got the snake out of the house and moved on. It just seems like every year I'm seeing more and more snakes.

My youngest daughter, who should win an award for "I Spy" has spotted three snakes in our yard so far this season, and the season just started. I don't even want to think about how many will come out this year. I guess as long as they stay outside the house, I shouldn't complain right?

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