Are you ready?

Starbucks Reserved Whiskey Barrel-Aged Cold Brew is coming to select locations Tuesday, including a couple in the New York area. The NY Daily News says the drink gets it's name and flavor from the Sulawesi coffee beans that are soaked in empty oak barrels that once held aged whiskey.

So what's the catch? There's actually no alcohol in it so if you were planning on getting a buzz on your way to work, just pour some real whisky in your morning order.

For those who haven't clicked the back button on your browser by now, the Starbucks locations at 10 Waverly Place in Greenwich Village and at 85th and Madison on the Upper East Side will be selling the new drink. 

Starbucks said that after the Indonesian coffee beans are soaked in the barrels, they're roasted several weeks later, which kills off any actual alcohol.

You can enjoy the whiskey flavored brew straight or mixed with a non-alcoholic whiskey barrel-aged vanilla syrup, if you want even more of your friends and coworkers to point and laugh at you.