New Yorkers pride themselves in wanting to be the best. Well, if that's the case then some may not be too happy with recent study done by U.S. News and World Report

The inaugural study used over 10,000 data points from seven key categories (and twenty subcategories). The main categories analyzed were: health care, education, infrastructure, crime and correction, opportunity, economy and government.

So where are we on the list? 17th place. Not bad, but not as good as some may have hoped for.

According to the study, New York ranks 5th best in the country for crime and correction. The study found that New York's prison system is one of the best run in the nation.

However, the Empire State didn't do so well in some of the categories. Economy? New York ranked 29th. Opportunity? Try 44th place.


So who was number one overall? Massachusetts.

The top states

  1.  Massachusetts
  2.  New Hampshire
  3.  Minnesota
  4.  North Dakota
  5.  Washington

Connecticut ranked 12th. New Jersey was 14th. Pennsylvania was 30th. So who was last? Poor Louisiana. they finished right below Mississippi and Arkansas.

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images