It seems like to get the full family experience, you have to add a pet into the mix. But, how do you handle this situation if you're allergic to cats and dogs?

Okay, my kids have been talking about wanting a dog for a while now, which is normal. But, just about two years ago, both of my daughters were terrified of dogs, as they were chased by an aggressive dog when they were really young and it stuck with them. Now, it seems that my older daughter has warmed up to dogs, but my younger daughter still is very hesitant to even be in the same room as a dog. Needless to say, we go back and forth a lot about this idea.

The other factor that has to get weighed in, is the fact that I'm allergic to both cats and dogs. Depending on the breed, I could be affected in a number of ways. Some dogs make me wheeze and feel like I'm dying, while others may make my eyes water or my skin break-out. I like dogs, but I just never touched them because of my allergies. I'm also even more allergic to cats. If I'm around a cat, just give me an inhaler and tell me to sit down for a while, it's bad.

So, do I go to an allergist and see what options I have? I could do that, I probably won't though, to be honest. I just rather not have a dog or a cat, because it's going to be me that has to do everything with it. We tried to have a bunny, and that didn't last long, as they never paid attention to the thing. Now I seem to be content with my fish tank. They don't cause me to break out into hives.

What do you suggest I do? Leave your comments below.

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