We all have one, that one thing that you've held onto for years. It's survived every move you've made, you know where it is right now, what is it, your most prized possession?

Recently I've been kind of purging and getting rid of a lot of things that I've held onto for a very long time, and I've come across things that I absolutely refuse to get rid of. There are many things that I've held onto for a long time for various reasons. I have many radio station t-shirts that I refuse to get rid of, which given my profession, it makes sense. However, there are other things that have special meaning to me.

There are a few things that I have held onto for a very long time from my childhood that I will never get rid of. One thing is my 1986 Micheal Jordan Rookie Sticker trading card. I received it as a gift on my tenth birthday and it has been enclosed in a one-inch thick plastic case for decades.

The second is my Shaquille O'Neal rookie card from 1992 which also has been encased for decades. Now, these cards need to be sent off to be graded, so when I reach the point of wanting to actually sell them, I will get top dollar. I also have over 500 Micheal Jordan cards that I like to refer to as my "retirement fund" that is safely hidden within my home. Good luck finding them.

What have you held onto my years and deemed as your prized possession? Leave your comments below.

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