Thrillist recently put together a list of each state's weirdest town names, and boy, there sure are some odd ones.

Have you ever been to Chicken Bristle, Illinois? Or how about Ding Dong, Texas? Accident, Maryland, or maybe scenic Worms, Nebraska? We hear Booger Hole, West Virginia is nice this time of year.

So what did Thrillist pick for New York state?

Handsome Eddy.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yup, the hamlet located in the Town of Lumberland near the Pennsylvania border in Sullivan County was the website's pick. To be honest, there isn't really much information available online about the area.

So, do you know of anywhere else in the state that boasts an unusual name?

By the way, if you're curious about what Thrillist picked for neighboring states - Foul Rift, New Jersey, Coupon, Pennsylvania, Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts (wow), and Mossup, Connecticut.