The reason will definitely vary from person to person, but I'm confident that there's a smell that makes you sick. My list continues to grow the older I get, but what smells drive you crazy?

I have a lot of random thoughts that pass through my head, and I was recently thinking if anybody shares my thoughts on unpleasant smells. This is very general I know, and it could be anything. There may be a certain liquor you may smell that might make you sick, because of a time that you had too much to drink and got sick. Maybe you got sick from particular food and can't handle the smell of that food anymore. The options are pretty much unlimited.

What smell drives me crazy? It's simple, cat urine. I can't stand it, and it's absolutely the worst smell known to humans. It probably doesn't help that I'm highly allergic to cats and break out in hives when I come in contact with their fur, and their gross fur makes me wheeze and feel like I'm going to die. So, I'm not the biggest fan of cats, to be honest.

I honestly feel bad, because if you tell me that you have multiple cats, I automatically assume your house smells. I don't intend for that to be mean-spirited, as I know it's not true, but I can't help but think that. It might stem back to growing up in a home with a cat that you're highly allergic to, to the point where you have an inhaler and are told you have asthma, only to wait 17 years until the cat is put down to see your asthma mysteriously disappear, who knows.

I've aired my dirty laundry, now what smells absolutely drive you crazy?

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