Do you think your kid is buying a nutritious lunch with their lunch money?  

School lunch is much different than when I was in school. Not so much the food, the choices seem very similar to what I was offered.

How kids pay for their lunch is the main difference. Today, kids can still pay using cash like the old days, or parents can upload money onto a website, and their children can use a PIN number to pay for lunch.

My wife and I chose to upload money and have our daughter use her PIN number to pay for lunch.

Now, my daughter is a very picky eater, so most days she brings a bagged lunch.

We happened to notice that her balance was going down, which we thought was weird since she typically only buys lunch on pizza day.

We logged on, and it seems my daughter figured out that even though she brought her lunch to school, she can still buy ice cream (LOL).

Here I was wondering why she wasn't eating everything in her lunch box...

I can't blame my daughter for having a love for ice cream. I mean who doesn't love ice cream?!

Either way it made me pose the question, "what is your kid really doing with the lunch money?".

Apparently my kid is content with her ice cream, and that's all good as far as I'm concerned.

This is what we saw when logged on: