I understand that we had to say our goodbyes to the plastic shopping bags that we were always used to, and I get it. Now, we have to use reusable bags or we can pay five cents for a paper bag. Sadly, I feel the paper bag has changed and nobody seems to be talking about it.

Eliminating plastic bags didn't bother me in the least bit, and I don't mind paying a few cents for a paper bag. I have reusable bags, but actually remembering to bring them with me is another story. Most of the time I end up getting paper bags, which I never minded because you can fit a good amount of groceries in them. At least you used to be able to load them up.

The paper bags here in the year 2021 are not the same bags that I used to cover my textbooks with during my school days. These new paper bags are super thin, and can't hold anything that might have some weight to it. Nine out of ten times I get groceries, the bags end up ripping as I try to bring them in the house.

I know at the end of the day, I should probably remember to bring my reusable bags, but marijuana is legal now so don't expect my memory to get any better. Am I the only one who thinks that they changed paper bags and tried to hide it from everybody? Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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