You ever thought about launching a chicken nugget into space? Probably not. But if you ever did, or maybe were looking to promote some sort of space themed publicity stunt, there's a company that can help you do that. They're called Sent Into Space:

World's leading space marketing company, specializing in space-themed marketing campaigns and publicity stunts.

A British grocery chain recently launched a chicken nugget to an altitude of 110,000 feet above the Earth's atmosphere, according to CNN. The strange stunt was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Iceland Foods. The grocery company teamed up with Sent Into Space to make this flying tender experiment happen.

The nugget lifted off in a gas filled weather balloon out of north Wales, and ascended to 20.7 miles above the Earth. The piece of frozen food was even rigged with a satellite tracking system and camera, so people could watch this marvel take place right in front of them. Once up, the nugget spent an hour chillin' in an area known as near space, as it endured frozen temperatures and pressure far lower than you what you'd find on the surface.

So, why would they do this? According to a rep from Sent Into Space, who told the Irish Times: 

What better way to show that our products are out of this world than by sending one of our customer favorites into space?

The Irish Times said the nugget eventually fell back to Earth, traveling at over 200 M.P.H., where a parachute then deployed and guided its decent back to the ground. Maybe you've got a product you'd like to put into space? Or maybe someone you know? Remember, you have to bring them back. You can't leave them up there forever.

Also, you can call them chicken nuggets, tenders, whatever etc. That's okay. Just don't refer to them as boneless chicken wings. Cause, that's just wrong.

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