While this week isn't expected to be nearly as hot as last week, the high humidity and the chance for precipitation will. The remnants of Tropical Strom Fred could also impact the area by later this week, though the Hudson Valley isn't expected to see the flooding rains that parts of the southeast experienced the past few days. However, forecasters say we could be seeing a chance for rain through most of the week.

Highs Tuesday should climb into the low 80s, with some morning showers lingering. Skies should remain mostly cloudy through he afternoon, as the there will be a slight chance for more rain later in the day. Lows will stay in the mid to upper 60s, with mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers. Wednesday will be warm and humid with highs in the low 80s, and scattered thunderstorms. Lows will only fall to around 70 overnight.

Highs Thursday will be in the upper 70s with rain off and on through the day. The showers should slowly start to clear out by Thursday night, as lows will remain in the upper 60s. But the threat for more scattered showers and thunderstorm will stick around through the remainder of the week, as highs will be in the low 80s and lows in the upper 60s. The humidity will remain high, giving the area a least a slight chance for storms each afternoon though the weekend.

But while it's kind of hard to think about winter as we're still here in the month of August. the Farmers' Almanac just released their extended outlook for the 2021-22 winter season. Will this winter be as snowy and dreary as the last one, according to this forecast? We certainly hope not, though this long-range forecast may be a little more comforting.

The Almanac seems to be calling for a more average winter for the Northeast, as temperature and precipitation levels should be near normal amounts for the season. The term "frosty flip-flop" was used, indicating potential sudden cold snaps. They're predicting a somewhat stormy January for the area, followed by a more tranquil February. That would be a stark contrast from this previous February, that brought record snowfall amounts across the Hudson Valley. There is always a chance for a big snowstorm any given February though, so don't let your guard down.

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