What's the story behind the Netflix series 'Stranger Things'? Some say it was inspired by a place in New York where bizarre experiments of mind control and time travel are rumored to have been conducted. A place featuring an elaborate system of underground tunnels where half-reptile like creatures are said to exist.

Let's explore Camp Hero, an abandoned military base in Montauk, New York. Did this once-secret location inspire 'Stranger Things'? You be the judge.

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When the weather is warmer families and friends gather at Camp Hero State Park on Long Island to enjoy over 700 acres of nature and waterfront. Quietly tucked alongside of the park's lighthouse is the decommissioned Air Force base, Camp Hero.

Camp Hero was originally used for coastal defense in the 1940s and 50s during World War 2. If you have ever visited you can't help but notice the massive radar tower which some suggest was used for mind-control experiments.

YouTube.com-Mark Pappas
YouTube.com-Mark Pappas

Officials have denied the existence of an underground network of tunnels but several individuals that used to work on the base have confirmed that they are indeed there. One former employee, Preston Nichols, published the book 'The Montauk Project; Experiments In Time'.

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Preston Nichols was a Radar Technician on what was called the 'Montauk Experiments' at Camp Hero. In his 1992 book, Nichols spoke of alien technology, time-travel, child abduction, UFO landing pads and much more that took place on the base. The base officially closed in 1994 but some say there has been scientific and military activity as recently as 2011.

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