Following Tuesday’s crane accident be prepared for, at times, massive traffic delays on the Tappan Zee Bridge for several days.

On Tuesday afternoon, a crane fell into traffic on the bridge and completely shut down traffic for a short time. Traffic was delayed for the rest of the day.

All but one Westchester bound lane has been reopened. The lane closure caused massive traffic delays during Wednesday morning’s rush hour commute.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the lane will likely be closed for several days, depending on repair time.

The cause of the crane accident is under an investigation.

“It was one of the 28 cranes that is installing pilings by using what they call a vibrating hammer,” Gov. Cuomo said on the scene of the accident. “It was a new crane. It was a crane that had done much more significant, heavy work. This was basically routine work and there was a malfunction on the crane and the crane boom collapsed and collapsed into what we call the "old" Tappan Zee Bridge, the existing Tappan Zee Bridge.”

Wind has been ruled out as a factor. The accident caused significant damage to the southern-most lane on the bridge. “It is clearly visible. It is several feet and there is also some structural damage to that lane underneath the bridge,” Cuomo said.

According to Cuomo, no one was seriously hurt. Three people reported minor injuries. “Luckily, it wasn't in rush hour and miraculously luckily no one hit the boom and the boom didn’t hit a car,” Cuomo said. He added the lack of major injuries was “nothing short of a miracle.”