You never know what can happen when you meet somebody online. 

On Saturday November 4, Walden Police investigated the report of a stolen vehicle. The victim, a 47 year-old Walden woman, met a man on the popular dating website 'Plenty of Fish' .

After spending nearly a week together, 39 year old James Pilotti of Union, New Jersey disappeared with her car keys, car and cash.

While officers from Walden were attempting to identify Pilotti, Officers in Lincoln Park, New Jersey were investigating a disabled vehicle in their town.

Lincoln Park PD discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen from Walden, and the driver, James Pilotti, attempted to use the vehicle owner’s son’s identity to hide the fact that he was a wanted parolee.

Pilotti was arrested by Lincoln Park PD and held on their charges as well as the parole warrant. Charges are pending in Walden.

For her safety, the victim's name, address, and vehicle information will not be released.