I've been seeing a lot of things on the internet that say "New Yorkers like this", or "this is the most popular whatever in New York". Every time I see this, I'm curious as to what other people think New Yorkers actually like. There was a study recently conducted to determine what dads from each state want for Father's Day. Are they right?

Everybody usually always says the same thing, "my dad is impossible to shop for". It's not that we're impossible to shop for, it's that we really don't care that much. I will be happy with whatever my child gives me for Father's Day. Our feelings don't get hurt if we don't get a card, we just want to spend time with our kids.

I'm a big fan of my kid's homemade gifts. They put so much thought and love into them, how could you not love them? If my kids choose to get me something else, that's cool, but I don't expect anything.

Recently, lists were compiled for the most unique Father's Day gifts narrowing it down by state. So what is the uniquely popular Father's Day gift in New York? Trees and plants apparently are what all New York fathers want for Father's Day. How lame is that?

Dad's in North Carolina are all about scooters and skateboards, Pennsylvania dads want custom tailgates parties, and dads in Texas want luxury toothpicks, alright, alright, alright.  All very cool, while we sit with our hydrangea hoping it grows.

It could be worse we could be like Ohio dads and crave socks. What do you want for Father's Day this year?

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