Local police are warning the public after they discovered a very convincing scam that recently hit the Hudson Valley. Review these documents so you also don’t get conned.

According to Port Jervis police, a “secret shopper” scam is circulating with a “very convincingly prepared” check and paperwork.

Port Jervis Police provided paperwork of the scam which includes:

  • • A cashier’s check for $2,998, with $300 for your “evaluation service”
  • • Instructions when depositing the check to your bank
  • • Instructions to purchase $50 worth of items at Walmart
  • • Instructions to send three money orders of the leftover cash back to the scammer

For a complete look at the paperwork, view the photos below.

According to Port Jervis police, you are likely being scammed if an offers tells you to cash a check and send a portion of the money to another person.

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