The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation following a string of vehicle break-ins.

According to the Sheriff's Office, several vehicles have been broken into in the Town of Pleasant Valley and the Town of LaGrange during the late-night hours. The majority of the vehicles were parked in driveways unlocked, though some of the break-ins involved the windows of the car being smashed to steal property.

Just a few weeks ago we saw a similar situation in Columbia County, with multiple vehicle break-ins occurring in residents' driveways. In this case, there was surveillance footage and the person has yet to be arrested.

Two different Hudson Valley counties, but having one thing in common, leaving the car doors unlocked. The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office advises people to never leave their car doors unlocked. Regardless of where you live, you can be a victim of a vehicle break-in. Never leave valuable items in your vehicle, much less in plain sight.

If you have any surveillance equipment such as exterior cameras, or motion lights in your driveway, make sure they are operating properly. Having your vehicle broken into is the worst, your stuff gets thrown all over, things get damaged, it's annoying. Do yourself a favor and lock your doors even if the car is in your driveway.

The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who is a victim or has any information regarding the thefts in the Towns of Pleasant Valley and LaGrange to please contact the Sheriff's Office at (845)486-3800.

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