This is an update from a story that was first posted August 15, 2016. 

A few weeks ago, we had brought home a carton of eggs, that came from a local farm with a rather peculiar slogan.

The eggs were from Ace Farm near Highland Mills, and lets just say that the slogan caused a little bit on confusion. It reads:

For Babies, Invalids, and Particular People 

So, where does a saying like this come from and what's the story?

We spoke with Ace Farm's Michael Grindord, the grandson of original owner Alfred Etzel, and we finally got to the bottom of this.

Seems the reason behind the slogan is pretty simple and direct.

Michael said they've been using the slogan since 1932. It is supposed to illustrate that eggs are nature's perfect food. They provide protein and nutritional value, especially for those in need - such as young children or those weakened by illness or injury. Hence, babies and invalids.

As for particular people? Well, Michael proudly says that that part of the slogan basically means that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy their eggs.

He admits that the marketing may seem a bit different by today's standards, however it's been part of the family business for so long that they just can't change it.

Hey, it certainly got your attention! We thank Michael for taking the time to explain and apologize if this caused any sort of unwanted attention.

Ace Farms has been operating in Orange County since 1917. It was started by a couple named Alfred C, and Elizabeth Tyler Etzel. According to their Facebook page, Alfred focused on goats while his wife tended the chickens.

The farm is still open to this day, and is still run by the Eztel family - Michael Grindord and Tyler Eztel.

According to their Facebook page, they’ve got everything from farm fresh eggs and local honey, to landscaping materials such as topsoil, mulch, compost, straw and manure.

And yes, the eggs were very good. We went back to Adams and bought three more cartons the following week.